This is because some other medications, such as cold, flu, and sleep medications, contain antihistamines. Research shows that first generation antihistamines can have effects on the central nervous system in large doses. With prompt medical treatment, you’re likely to recover from an ibuprofen overdose. However, some people develop liver, kidney, or stomach issues.

  1. Intentional overdoses are often the result of someone attempting suicide.
  2. If naloxone is available, anyone can use it to treat someone with an opioid overdose.
  3. The drug naloxone (Narcan) can also help treat an opioid overdose by blocking opioids’ effects in the body.
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  5. Even if you follow the steps above, naloxone wears off, and complications from other underlying conditions are possible.

Depending on which drugs are taken in an overdose, many people can recover successfully and without permanent psychological and/or physical disability. However, some drug overdoses can result in temporary damage to specific organs. Other drug overdoses may lead to permanent damage to particular organs.

Afterward, you may experience many complicated emotions about the overdose, how you reacted, and what to do to prevent future overdoses. Know that medical and mental health community support is available, and you don’t alcohol-medication interactions need to go through this alone. See the White House Guide to Saving Lives from Overdose for more information on responding to an overdose, training employees, and purchasing opioid overdose reversal medications.

The rate of deaths from drug overdose has increased steadily over the past couple of decades. If the individual has lost consciousness, try to wake them for a response. Ask the person questions calmly to try to keep them engaged. The main cause of death from an opioid overdose is respiratory failure (you stop breathing). This happens because the opioids negatively affect the part of your brain that’s responsible for breathing.

Nearly 75% of drug-related deaths in 2020 involved an opioid, with thousands of opioid-related deaths each year. The Maternal Opioid Misuse (MOM) Model promotes care coordination and integrated approach for pregnant and postpartum women with opioid use disorder. Supporting the coordination of clinical care and the integration of other services critical for health, well-being, and recovery.

If you have depression or suicidal thoughts, contact your doctor right away.

When an opioid overdose is suspected, Narcan (naloxone hydrochloride) should be administered as soon as possible. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Narcan Nasal Spray in March 2023 as an over-the-counter (OTC) emergency treatment for opioid overdose. People must keep antihistamines and all medications out of reach of children. Some antihistamines are safe for children to take, but it is important to ask a doctor or pharmacist about the right dose.

How to Respond to an Opioid Overdose

Other medications, such as certain antidepressants and motion sickness drugs, can also cause an overdose if a person mixes them with antihistamines. If a person has severe symptoms, such as trouble breathing, fast or slow heart rate, seizures, or loss of consciousness, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Anyone experiencing an opioid overdose will need immediate medical attention. A doctor may prescribe opioids to relieve pain or as part of a program to treat opioid use disorder. Heroin and opium are also opioids that are illegal and which people use recreationally. Addressing a substance use disorder can help decrease the chance of a drug overdose.

Preventing Opioid Overdose

Evzio (naloxone hydrochloride injection) rapidly delivers a single dose of the drug naloxone via a nasal spray or hand-held auto-injector that can be carried in a pocket or stored in a medicine cabinet. Although Evzio can counter overdose effects within minutes, professional medical help is still needed. Today, in support of President Biden’s Unity Agenda efforts to beat the overdose crisis, the Biden-Harris Administration is announcing the White House Challenge to Save Lives from Overdose. The Challenge is a nationwide call-to-action to stakeholders across all sectors to save lives by committing to increase training on and access to lifesaving opioid overdose reversal medications.

What should I do if I think someone is experiencing an opioid overdose?

It may be hard to tell whether a person is high or experiencing an overdose. If you aren’t sure, treat it like an overdose—you cbt for alcoholism and drug addiction could save a life. Anyone experiencing symptoms of an overdose should seek emergency medical care immediately.

A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Official websites use .govA .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Popular prescription stimulants include Dexedrine, Adderall, and Ritalin. BetterHelp can connect you to an addiction and mental health counselor. Ambulatory care pharmacist Ashley Jones, PharmD, BCACP, explains each step in further detail below.

One dose of injectable naloxone is typically 400–2,000 micrograms (0.4–2 milligrams). Naloxone is available without a prescription in all states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. If you have insurance coverage, you may be able to get the medication at no cost.

Many doctors prescribe opioid medications for pain management. These medications carry a high risk of addiction and overdose, especially if taken outside a doctor’s directions. This can include taking any amount of someone else’s medication or more than the doctor prescribed. If you or someone you know uses opioids, it’s important to carry naloxone in case of an overdose.